Kids Kountry Del Rey

KKA“Our Newest Center”
preK Program Site

3900 Del Rey Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88005


Director: Priscilla Rouse
Early Childhood Degree, Child Development Associate, National Administrators Credential, NM 45 Hour Certificate,

Program Coordinator Kid’s Kountry Centers

Priscilla Rouse has been a child care center director for 28 years. As a young mother herself, she began as a preschool teacher because of her love for young children. Because of her capable personality she quickly became a director and an expert in the regulations and administration of a well-run center. She is also program coordinator for all eight Kid’s Kountry Child Care Center certification levels, food program and training.

Kid’s Kountry Del Rey is our newest location. It will be convenient for NASA, White Sands and families that live out off of I-70. The building is spacious and furnished with all new toys and equipment for young children. You will love the warm and friendly atmosphere of this location with wonderful teachers who are experienced with the care and teaching of young children.

nmprekpng130preK Teachers: Lydia Hernandez Bachelors of Early Childhood Education and Erica Ortega, Working towards BA of Early Childhood Education
Capacity: 20 Children