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401 S. Walnut
Las Cruces, NM 88007

575 526-2827

Director: Rosemary Carbajal
National Administrators Credential
NM 45 Hour Certificate

Executive Director Kid’s Kountry Centers

Rosemary Carbajal has been a teacher and director for Kid’s Kountry for twenty years. She is the mother of two grown daughters. Her steady and wise understanding of families and children is readily evident in your first impression as well as your long term involvement with her. Because she is the Executive Director, all of Kid’s Kountry, clients are welcome to council with her about any concern they may have about the welfare of their children in our care.

Kid’s Kountry Club is situated in the former Putt Putt golf location. The playgrounds are vast and varied and are truly a children’s paradise for fun and adventure. The warm indoor classroom environment as well as the presence of experienced teachers are a wonderful setting for the growth and learning for all ages. The school age children have their own building called the “Kid’s Kountry Clubhouse”, which they enjoy.