We encourage the children to obey the rules.  We try to have important rules that do not interfere with the enthusiasm and energetic nature of the young child.  Of course, hitting, biting and similar behaviors will be curtailed by first noting what motivated the problem and helping the offending child to find another way of coping with his/her problem.  We do have a time out, which is used to remove the child from the conflict, to help them cool down.  Aggressive behavior is usually caused by: fatigue, boredom, hunger, frustration, or need for kindness and attention.

We look for the cause of the problem to help solve it. Some children are aggressive because of bad habit. Time out is meant to help break the habit. Conflict in a group is inevitable. However, we try to teach proper conflict resolution. Real life skills such as: Talking about how they feel. Taking a walk or playing with someone else. Reading a book or doing an art project. Being rocked or held. When a child says, “I want my mommy,” we comfort and explain that their parent will return