abcAppleWe use age appropriate activities with the children at Kids’s Kountry. We believe that play is the most important work of young children. We are always changing and updating our toys and equipment, as well as art supplies. At Kid’s Kountry, we feel that the adults are facilitators of play, providing an interesting room arrangement, choice of centers and enticing projects. We help guide children in appropriate interaction with others. Courtesy and cooperation are stressed. Young children enjoy a routine because it makes them feel secure in knowing what to expect next. We also like to be flexible and spontaneous while still following a general structure.

All of the younger age groups of infants, toddlers and preschoolers have a circle time where we greet the children, play games, sing songs and tell stories. We have an atmosphere where children are encouraged to speak up and talk about a variety of subjects, thus using their language skills and developing self confidence in group setting. We have play centers, clearly defined, as well as learning centers which are changed weekly. We have a large play ground for wide open outside play. Generally we leave the door open so the children can free flow inside and out